The school was founded in 2001 after the union of two schools into one, the 3rd Lyceum (Upper Secondary School) and the 10th Lyceum of Athens, two of the oldest schools of Athens. Later, it was transformed into experimental/pilot school under the name of 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens. It was founded in accordance to the decision taken by the Undersecretary of National Education and Religion of that time, Mr Philippos Petsalnikos, responding to the demand of all those who were involved in education in that district. It was considered as and it is the continuity of the 2nd Experimental Gymnasium (Lower Secondary School) of Athens, as, until then, there was not a respective Experimental Lyceum and the Gymnasium graduates had to attend various schools in the area.




European programs

Visit at the Industrial Chemistry - Polymers Lab of Chemistry Department of University of Athens
On Wednesday March 3rd, a group of students participating in the European Project “European Challenges in Sustainability by Biotechnology” visited the Industrial Chemistry Polymers Lab of the Chemistry Department of the University of Athens. Professor Marinos Pitsikalis and his team welcomed us and made for us a thorough guided tour in the Polymer preparation labs. The aim of the lab is the preparation of various polymers with special interesting properties. We were impressed by the high vacuum lines where polymers are prepared under inert conditions, air and humidity absolutely excluded. Moreover glassware constructions were all made by scientists and students. We were also guided to the instrumental analysis lab where purity and polymerization grade of prepared polymers are determined with the use of photometric, viscosity and liquid chromatographic techniques (gel permeation HPLC). Read more
Common European Activity with Model High School “Evangeliki School of Smyrna”
On Thursday 21-02-2019, a group of students from the 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens who participate in the ERASMUS+-KA2 project entitled “Refugees Welcome-When Numbers become Faces” (code number 2017-1-DE03-KA219-035539_3), accompanied by their teachers Eleni Georgiou and Dimitris Mavreas, realised a common activity with the students of A1 class of Model High School “Evangeliki School of Smyrna” and Eirini Arnaouti, within the framework of the subject of English. The activity (embodied learning) aimed at disseminating in an intertextual manner the knowledge acquired during this ERASMUS+ project and is relevant to the National Curriculum for the English Language, as it was connected with the school book unit “Refugees’ Dreamland”. Read more
Best Practices Dissemination Event (Friday, 21st December 2018)
The 2nd Experimental High School of Athens and the 2nd Experimental General Lyceum of Athens organized a "Best Practices Dissemination Event" on Friday 21st December 2018 at the amphitheatre of the 2nd Experimental High School of Athens. The presentations concerned the following thematic units: Excellence and Creativity Groups, Best Practices, European/Erasmus Programs («Refugees Welcome- When Numbers become Faces», «Youth in Europe», «European Challenges in Sustainability by Biotechnology»). Read more