During the second year of the project the main aim was to raise social awareness, empathy for refugees and asylum-seekers through organizing volunteering activities and including as many people as possible. Art is considered to be a very effective tool when it comes in delivering social messages and in motivating people to take action. Students made a team responsible to organize for the whole school community a cultural event presenting refugees’ stories through performance (Eyes of innocence): music, dance, theatre.
On the other hand students decided to collect and donate food and other supplies for refugees in collaboration with the Association for the Social Support of Youth (Arsis) and Refugee Shelter for Families. A campaign was initiated to gather as many supplies as possible.
Their effort was reinforced by the organization of a basketball game in collaboration with the Intercultural High School of Athens. The local sports club offered its basketball court for a couple of hours. Anyone willing to donate food or supplies for the refugees could watch the game.