Aim:  The aim of this project is for the students to broaden their horizons and to shed some light on existing stereotypes about their own nationality and culture as well as about their fellow Europeans’. They will do so by means of international contacts. Understanding the stereotypes and where they come from might be the step to lift them to a level from where they can look beyond the black and white clich?s about European citizens.

Partners:  2nd Model Experimental General Lyceum of Athens (A1, English Class), Bedford College (Bedford, United Kingdom), Grong videreg?ende skole (Grong, Norway), H?here Lehranstalten f?r Wirtschaft und Mode Klagenfurt (Klagenfurt, Austria), Instituut Spijker (Hoogstraten, Belgium).

Expected Results:

  1. An interactive online blog with:

o Stereotypical ideas about the participating countries

o Reactions to how nationalities are viewed abroad

o Explanations about where certain stereotypes come from

o A creative presentation of one?s own nationality that counters the stereotypes.


  1. A more extended knowledge about Europe and its citizens/ Lifelong friendship: We hope the students will broaden their horizons as European citizens. The students might keep in touch through all sorts of media.

Public Link: http://twinspace.etwinning.net/3485/home

Supervisor/Teacher: Maria Drakopoulou